Suggested Reading

  • Love is a Verb  by William O’Hanlon & Patricia Hudson
    This is a very good book for couples to help them look at some of the ways they communicate and how to be specific with their requests for change.
  • Feeling Good  by David Burns
    Excellent Cognitive Behavioral book dealing with depression and anxiety.
  • Feeling Good Together by David Burns
    The secret to making troubled relationships work
  • Don’t Panic by Reid Wilson
    Learn to take control of your anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Divorce Busting  by Michele Weiner-Davis
    For couples that don’t want to get divorced, this book offers practical advice on how to make your marriage last.
  • 1,2,3 Magic  by Thomas Phelan
    A parenting approach for parents of children ages 2-12 using specific tools and guidance to get the unwanted behaviors under control.
  • Surviving Adolescents  by Thomas Phelan
    A continuation of 1,2,3, Magic for teenagers.
  • Just One Thing: Developing a Buddha Brain One Simple Practice at a Time  by Rick Hanson
    Simple things you can do routinely, mainly inside your mind, that will support and increase your sense of security and worth, resilience, effectiveness, well-being, insight, and inner peace.
  • The Upward Spiral by Alex Korb, PhD
    In The Upward Spiral, neuroscientist Alex Korb demystifies the intricate brain processes that cause depression and offers a practical and effective approach to getting better. Based on the latest research in neuroscience, this book provides dozens of straightforward tips you can utilize every day to rewire your brain and create an upward spiral towards a happier, healthier life.
  • Emotional Fitness for Couples: 10 Minutes a Day to a Better Relationship by Barton Goldsmith